What Is PPC? Learn the Basics of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

What Is PPC? Learn the Basics of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

When visiting a website you must have noticed that a few of the words or phrases are often highlighted on a paragraph or that there is a section exclusively to host web ads. While there are many forms of ads that earn revenue for websites, the Pay per Click method seems to be one of the most popular options among web marketers out there.

What PPC does to aid your business is that, with it you’re getting a lot more site traffic and visitors which will help your business grow, gain exposure and aid your reputation.

So what exactly is this and how it works?

Pay per Click works in accordance with search results and keyword indexing. Many of the times when you’ve searched for something on Google, chances are that that you have been presented with a search result for ‘Sponsored Post’  being kept on top of the search results. This is a form of pay per click.

In layman’s terms, you present your search provider with a budget and then they will sponsor and index your post for the specific keywords that you deem fit for the type of product that you are asking them to index and then when an user searches for those exact words, the search returns with all the relevant results along with your presented PPC link being kept at the top of the search query.

With that said, now let’s delve into some of the basics for Pay Per Click Marketing.

  1. Refinement: PPC is often risky so it’s extremely important to constantly refine and update your keywords, phrases that your PPC service provider will index and present results with. Failure to do so will end you up in a loss with not enough customers visiting your site as a result.
  2. Viable Ad campaign: Before jumping into your PPC ad campaign, ensure that your Ad is attractive enough to bring in customers. You can have a very good search PPC result but it amounts to nothing if your page doesn’t actually have the content to back up the ad.
  3. Avoid Bamboozlement: If your ad campaign is based on a scam to just lure in customers so that you can add to your ad revenue, then at some point you’ll receive a permanent from PPC service providers as your site gets negative reviews.
  4. High Ranking ads: While the entire process of ad score is still a mystery, the key factors to a good ad score depends on two things:
    A. Your ad budget with your PPC client
    B. Your ad keyword score from 1-10, decided on the selection of your phrases and keywords, which creates more revenue for the PPC client.
  5. Viability for Small businesses: A good PPC campaign can greatly help spread brand image and awareness among the masses. They are especially beneficial for new and small businesses that deal in niche segments of the market. A PPC Campaign might cost you initially but it’s definitely worth the long term recoupment that you can get after spreading you name.